How to Get a US Farm Worker Visa: Requirements & Application Process

How to Get a US Farm Worker Visa: Requirements & Application Process

How to Get a US Farm Worker Visa: The H-2A visa is a legal document that enables American employers to recruit non-native people to work in agricultural industries within the United States. For the upcoming year 2023, those who aspire to work in the US farm must apply for the H-2A visa program, which is open to all nationalities regardless of their country of origin.

A considerable number of agriculture jobs in America provide visa sponsorship for migrant laborers. These job opportunities cater to foreign nationals who are willing to take up jobs related to agriculture in the United States. Sponsoring visas for US farmworkers, dairy farms, fruit picking, and packing are some of the many jobs that the program supports. It is worth mentioning that fruit picking is one of the most demanded jobs in the world. Additional information on H2-A US farm working jobs 2023 is available below.

Details About US Farm Working Jobs 2023

  • Job Country: USA
  • Visa type: H-2A
  • Job Type: Agriculture, Temporary
  • Who can Apply: Anyone

Age Requirement

No, any age requirement is set by the US Immigration Department.

Duration of Stay

The tenure that a candidate can hold an H-2A Agricultural Visa is limited to 1 year. However, if the job is still obtainable, the visa can be prolonged. It’s noteworthy to mention that the maximum amount of time a person can reside in the H-2A classification is 3 years.

How Much Do Farm Workers Pay in the USA?

The minimum is $10.25 per hour.

Eligible Countries for the USA H-2A Visa

The following countries are eligible to participate in the H-2A program in 2023.

“Which countries can apply for the USA Farm Jobs/Agriculture Jobs in 2023.”

  1. Andorra
  2. Fiji
  3. Malta
  4. Serbia
  5. Argentina
  6. Finland
  7. Mauritius
  8. Singapore
  9. Australia
  10. France
  11. Mexico
  12. Slovakia
  13. Austria
  14. Germany
  15. Monaco
  16. Slovenia
  17. Barbados
  18. Greece
  19. Montenegro
  20. Solomon Islands
  21. Belgium
  22. Grenada
  23. Mozambique
  24. South Africa
  25. Bosnia
  26. Herzegovina
  27. Guatemala
  28. Nauru
  29. South Korea
  30. Brazil
  31. Haiti
  32. The Netherlands
  33. Spain
  34. Brunei
  35. Honduras
  36. New Zealand
  37. St. Vincent
  38. Grenadines
  39. Bulgaria
  40. Hungary
  41. Nicaragua
  42. Sweden
  43. Canada
  44. Iceland
  45. North
  46. Macedonia
  47. Switzerland
  48. Ireland
  49. Norway
  50. Taiwan*
  51. Colombia
  52. Israel
  53. Panama
  54. Thailand
  55. Costa Rica
  56. Italy
  57. Papua New Guinea
  58. Timor-Leste
  59. Croatia
  60. Jamaica
  61. Paraguay
  62. Turkey
  63. Czech Republic
  64. Japan
  65. Peru
  66. Tuvalu
  67. Denmark
  68. Kiribati
  69. Poland
  70. Ukraine
  71. Dominican Republic
  72. Latvia
  73. Portugal
  74. United Kingdom
  75. Ecuador
  76. Liechtenstein
  77. Republic of Cyprus
  78. Uruguay
  79. El Salvador
  80. Lithuania
  81. Romania
  82. Vanuatu
  83. Estonia
  84. Luxembourg
  85. Saint Lucia
  86. The Kingdom of Eswatini
  87. Madagascar
  88. San Marino

Requirements for US Farm Working Jobs 2023

  1. You should have a Job offer from the US that is temporary or seasonal in nature you can notice.
  2. You should not break any Law in the United States I hope you know.
  3. Must leave the United States after the Visa expires you can, must know.
  4. Age should be above 18 years old for the job.

How to Apply for the US Agriculture Jobs in (2023)?

Now you can apply for a US agriculture job:


These are just a few examples to help you in finding Agriculture related Jobs in the USA and secure a Job offer.

Steps to Remember

  1. Find a Job in the United States related to the agriculture field.
  2. Secure a Job to get an invitation letter.
  3. Apply for US H-2A Visa for Agriculture
  4. Pay the US Visa Application Fee.
  5. Wait for the Visa decision.


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